1.     A notice of withdrawal must be given filling in the application form for Leaving Certificate available in the school office at least three days before the end of    month, failing which the fees for the following month will be charged. Such    notice must be given by the person authentically responsible for the pupil and not by the pupil himself/ herself or any other person.

2.     If no notice of withdrawal is given, full fees for all the months of absence will be charged along with fine. If the name of the pupil is on the roll even for one day of the month, the fee for the entire month will be charged.


1.     Two unit tests and two semester examinations will be held during the academic year as per schedule.

2.     Besides this, class tests will be held during regular intervals after the completion of the unit in every subject.

3.      In case, a pupil is absent in a subject or an examination, he/she will not be re-examined under any circumstances. In such cases promotion of the deserving pupil will be decided on the strength of the examinations, they have appeared for and the year’s work together.

4.      if a pupil is caught practicing unfair means in the examination, he/ she will not be allowed to appear in the remaining subject under any circumstances and the answer book / books of the pupil will not be assessed. He / she is liable to lose his / her promotion and also be expelled from the school.

5.     Promotion of a student from one standard to another shall be made at the end of the school year on the basis of his / her performance consisting of Oral Examination, Unit Tests, Home works, Practical and Semester examinations etc.