1.     Parents are earnestly requested to see that their children attend the school regularly and punctually. They are expected to co-operate in the working of the school by enforcing regularity and discipline and by taking keen interest in their progress. Constructive suggestions are welcome. Parents are expected to check the calendars regularly and implement the teacher’s suggestions and sign in the relevant columns.

2.     All Pupils must be regular in attendance.

A.     No Pupil should remain absent for any reason other than sickness, without obtaining prior permission of the Principal.

B.    Absence due to sickness will have to be supported by a written application by the authentic guardian along with proper Medical Certificate as early as possible. The pupil having a contagious and infectious disease will not be allowed to attend the school unless a proper medical fitness certificate is submitted.

C.   Leave should be sought on filling in the relevant columns in the proforma provided in this calendar.

D.   In case of Absence, without seeking prior permission the pupil shall be marked absent for which the parent/guardian will have to submit justification within three days of such absence.

E.   Late corners, without a note signed by the authentic guardian mentioning genuine reason will be dealt with strictly.

3.   Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience or conduct  affecting the moral  tone of the schools are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of the pupil with prior notice.

4.   No pupil is allowed to leave the school premises during the school hours (even during the recess) without the permission of the principal.

5.   Every pupil should endeavour to keep the moral of the school through good manners  and discipline.

6. Pupils are responsible to the school authorities for their behaviour outside the school also. Any reported or observed objectionable conduct out of the school on part of pupils shall make them liable for disciplinary action by the school authorities.

7.      Parents are to understand that they cannot dictate the management and the    management will admit or retain pupils in the school according to the conditions laid down by the appropriate authority from time to time.

8.      Any pupil, who is persistently insubordinate or repeatedly and wilfully mischievous or is    guilty of malpractice in connection with examination or has committed an act of serious nature which has an unwholesome influence on his fellow-pupils, may be    expelled from the school.

9.      Pupils are advised not to bring any valuable articles to the schools. The School authorities do not stand responsible for the loss of the pupils books. money and other articles.

10.    The pupils are not allowed to enter any classroom other than their own.

11.    The pupils are expected to handle the school property carefully. Any damage to any property will be recovered from the responsible ones.

12.    It is compulsory for all the pupil to speak in English in the school premises. They are also advised to speak English even in their private conversation outside the school for    greater achievements.

13.    All the pupils are expected to be enthusiastic to take part in curricular and extra-curricular activities which are organised by the school by local organisation. Students are    expected to extend their maximum participation in external exams and all inter school    competitions.

14.     Attendance of the students for celebrating 15th August, 26th January and other National     days, Social and Cultural functions and similarly their attendance for scout guide camps, trips and excursions etc. Will be compulsory.

15.    The teachers take utmost care during the period of camps, trips, excursions etc. for the safety of the students, Anyhow if anything un towards happens unexpectedly and    unluckily they should not be held responsible for it.

16.    Pupils are strictly prohibited from bringing in mobile phone to the school. Strict action will be taken against those who violate the rules.

 17. They are prohibited to collect any contribution for whatsoever reasons.They must not offer any present or gift to the teachers, other employees of the school or anybody else on any occasion unless it is organised by the school authorities

 18. It Pupils must not take part in any political activity

 19. Parents or guardians are not allowed to see their children or interview any, teacher during the school hours without the permission of the principal

 20. The parents or guardians should address all the correspondence in respect of their wards to the Principal only in the proforma given at the end of this calendar

  21. Pupil who wish to take half day leave on account of sickness or any other reasons, are to produce a note written and signed by the parent or guardian.


1.   One book at a time will be issued to every pupil who shall return it and get another at the time determined by school authorities.

2. Pupil are not allowed to keep with them any book from the school carry for more than a week at a time.

3.  Pupil must take great care of the library books. If a book is lost or Damaged the pupil concerned will have to make good the loss or damage.

4. The pupil are prohibited to underline any word, write anything or make any sign or marking in the books.